Alexander Makarchuk, CEO of «IT-Sova»

Engaged in recruiting more than 2 years. The founder of two important social projects:

  1. – the project designed for paralyzed people. It has rehabilitated about 30 disabled people from different countries of the world.
  2. – a social educational project for people with disabilities and their social environment. Alexander is a motivational speaker, a volunteer and philanthropist, who promotes various social initiatives that protect rights of disabled people, thereby improving their life in society.

Mikhail Vinogradov, IT-recruiter

In June 2005, he suffered an injury of the cervical vertebra with the anguish of the spinal cord. In the same year in November he suffered a stroke, was immobile and constantly in need of assistance. Despite this, he knew that should not lose heart, therefore, began to exercise: he was lifting plastic bottles adding water and increasing the load.

Now, Mikhail lifts weights at 20 lbs., serves and dresses himself, and goes outside that is very important for a paralyzed person.

After a while, Mikhail met Alexander Makarchuk and then passed the course "Digital literacy" in the social educational project, which has improved his computer skills.

In December 2016, Alexander began to teach Michael the IT-recruiting. At the moment, the previously helpless disabled person is employed and has the ability to earn good money.

Mariana Mliavaya, IT-recruiter

Since childhood, Mariana had a diagnosis: neuromuscular disease – myopathy. For a long time she tried to find something that would bring her pleasure and financial support.

In August 2016, Alexander Makarchuk told her about the class of IT-recruiting. She was invited to this profession and soon began her first introduction to the world of programmers. Mariana was captivated by the new terms, words, meeting with interesting and gifted people. This was a special world and a special stratum of people, whom is hard to forget if you ever met with them.

At the moment, Mariana is actively communicating with a large number of IT professionals and recruiting employees for various companies.

Olga Matusevich, IT-recruiter

In March 2013, she received a spinal injury. The injury was severe (fracture-dislocation of the 11th-12th thoracic vertebrae with the injury and crush the spinal cord at this level).

The understanding that she wouldn't be able to walk, came at once, but for 3 years after the injury Olga was actively involved in rehabilitation for the sake of her parents, who didn’t want to accept this reality.

In August 2017, by a lucky chance Olga faced with Alexander Makarchuk, who invited her to the field of IT-recruiting. Of course, she was a little scared because this field was new for her, but she decided to try. The work was started in September – it was very interesting, requiring a lot of knowledge and stimulating to improve the skills.

Now Olga has a very tight schedule, and this is great, because for disabled people employment rehabilitation is as important as physical.